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Jurassic Secret Emu Oil & Emu Oil Based Products
Nourishment for Youthful Healthy Skin

Discover and enjoy our centuries old secret for refreshment and rejuvenation of your skin!

Jurassic Secret Emu Oil is 100% natural and relieves dry skin and many other skin conditions. Emu oil is a combination of poly and mono unsaturated fats including the Omegas 3, 6 & 9.
Emu oil can make the skin feel soft, more elastic and firm due to the restoration of the normal fats in the skin.


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Emu Oil, How It Works, Uses, and A Brief History

The emu is one of the oldest species of animals on the planet. The emu is the second largest bird and cousin to the ostrich, the largest bird.

The emu is considered far older than the ostrich, dating back at least 80 million years and is part of the theropoda family of dinosaurs. The theropoda dinosaur family includes the Tyrannosaurus Rex and the Velociraptor, as seen in the movie Jurassic Park, leading to the first part of the name Jurassic Secret.

The emu has several unique features that no other living species has - from their unique feathers, where from each quill grows 2 narrow long feathers, to the dark green color of their eggs.

The most important unique property is the source of emu oil. The emu stores a type of body fat that is primarily good fat. Emu fat is rich in poly and mono unsaturated fat that is high in Omega 3, 6 and 9. Your typical animal fats like beef, pork and chicken are bad saturated fats. Consuming saturated fat is bad for your health and has no benefits to your skin.

Emu are classified as a livestock animal raised for their healthy red meat. The fat is rendered to oil that is refined and purified to provide a stable odor free shelf life of 2 years or more.

How your skin reacts to emu oil when topically applied

Your skin consists of several layers of dead cells (the epidermis) and layers of living skin cells (the dermis). The dead layers of your skin provide a watertight barrier preventing most lotions, creams and cosmetics from ever entering your skin. In fact, petroleum oil based products like mineral oil and petrolatum oil, found in most lotions, creams and lip balms, are actually designed to damage your skin, causing it to dry out faster so you use the product more often to increase the repeated purchases.

Emu oil works differently. In the deeper dermis layers of your skin, the skin cells have fat around them as a food supply. The type of fat in your skin is primarily good fat.

Dr. Robert L. Winston, M.D. provided a comparison chart comparing the fat profile of emu fat vs. the fat profile of the fat in human skin. The types of fats and the ratios of each fat were strikingly similar.

The consensus is that emu oil from the fat of the emu is so similar to what is in our skin that our skin cannot tell the difference. This is why studies have proven that emu oil has transdermal ability (it can pass through all layers of skin) and why damaged, dry, and malnourished skin responds so fast to emu oil.

Emu oil penetrates deep into the dermis and acts like a secondary food supply to skin cells that may be lacking in nutrients, damaged or dying.

The re-discovery of emu oil

Emu oil and its many benefits is not a new discovery, but a re-discovery of an ancient medicine. Modern scientific studies in the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia have proven it to be effective as an anti-inflammatory for pain, and widely recommended for burns and many skin problems.

The origins of emu oil first being used as medicine dates back over 4,000 years. The Aborigines of Australia are considered one of the oldest people on earth. From the oldest cave drawings and records, the aboriginal people worshipped the emu for providing food and medicine. For thousands of years the fat of the emu has been used for wounds and burns. Records show for some illnesses an emu would be butchered and the fat covered hide would be wrapped around the sick.

Emu oil is still currently used in the medical field and listed in the Australian book of pharmaceutical drugs. The emu is such an important part of the Australian history that it is used on their coat of arms. This re-discovery of emu oil is what led to the second part of the name Jurassic Secret.

Emu oil on burns, radiation treatment burns and sunburns

Due to research and thousands of people using emu oil on various types of burns, emu oil is recommended by doctors across the country.

Harner Burn Center Results

Dr. John Griswold, Director of Timothy J. Harner Burn Center in Texas, conducted a two year study on burn victims that had comparable burns on each side of their body. The study compared emu oil on one side and common burn ointment on the other side. The results to the patients and three impartial study observers were unanimous; the emu oil produced faster healing, pain reduction, inflammation reduction, better pliability of the skin, lubrication, improved skin moisture, and significant scar reduction compared to the control side.

Why isn’t emu oil used by all burn centers?

Despite the effectiveness of emu oil it is still relatively new and unknown and has one big hurdle in the medical field. Emu oil is natural and anything that occurs naturally in nature cannot be patented. The F.D.A. approval process costs millions of dollars and years of red tape. For most medical uses, only F.D.A. approved drugs are allowed.

For example, if a doctor at a hospital should want to use anything other than traditional drugs or medical ointments this would be considered experimental, and require paperwork and approval at different levels. The lawyers for the hospital would say no to emu oil, you would expose the hospital to lawsuits if anything went wrong. The traditional drug is long proven and the drug company is responsible for the liability.

Gimmick pain relievers and Emu oil on pain

Most topically applied pain relievers rely on a psychosomatic effect and distraction to make you think your pain is going away. This is why they have a burning hot or icy cold sensation. The hot is Capsaicin, a chilly pepper concentrate. The cold sensation of some pain rubs is menthol, peppermint and evaporating alcohol that give a cooling sensation. This effect stimulates the skin, distracting your mind from the pain that still exists deep in the joint or muscle. The strong medicated smell is often just a medicated fragrance that is added to make you think it is strong medicine.

Emu oil is a proven transdermal and has high anti-inflammatory ability. Emu oil can quickly penetrate two or three inches deep in the body and reduce the pain without the distracting hot or smell. Emu oil is also an effective transdermal carrier that can carry other products past the barrier layers of the skin.

This is why our Jurassic Secret Muscle & Joint Care pain reliever is even more effective than pure emu oil. In our Muscle & Joint Care we use emu oil to carry other effective pain relievers like MSN, Glucosamine, Chondroitin and a Cox 2 inhibitor penetrating deep in the joints. The combination of pain relievers in the joints and inflamed tissue will remove most pain in minutes.

Emu oil is excellent as a personal lubricant, and for vaginal dryness

Your typical lubrication products on the market have a sticky gooey texture to them. Once you and your partner compare pure emu oil you will never go back. A safe natural chemical free alternative.

Emu Oil

Topically Used

Emu oil has been described by doctors as a topically applied, nutritional supplement for the skin.

It is commonly used for: psoriasis, eczema, arthritis, rheumatism, rosacea, carpal tunnel, skin rashes, poison ivy & poison oak, mosquito bites, burns, sunburn, dermatitis and hemorrhoids.

Cosmetics and Anti-Aging Properties

Emu oil thickens skin, reduces age spots, reduces wrinkles, moisturizes dry and cracked skin, hastens healing of cosmetic peel, acne inflammation, softens callused feet, reduces stretch marks, softens dry cuticles and promotes healthy nails, topical nutritional supplement for skin care, used in hundreds of health and beauty aid products.

A few drops of oil is all it takes, massage into the affected area. The skin should not feel oily when you are finished. If it does, you have used too much.

Emu oil is unsurpassed for its moisturizing properties. Studies found that dry, aging skin increased in thickness by 2-3 times when treated with emu oil. Age spots and wrinkles diminished noticeably.

Wound Healing

Emu oil can be used on cuts, post surgery healing, reduces scarring, relieves swelling, heals radiation damaged skin, bed sores and diabetic foot ulcers. For wound and skin conditions, such as eczema and psoriasis use several times a day. Thoroughly moisten affected area for
faster healing.

Internal Uses

Emu oil gel caps are considered to be the best and cleanest source available for the Omega 3, 6 & 9 essential fatty acids.

Common uses include:
High cholesterol, high blood pressure, high triglycerides, and are very effective for chronic pain conditions. Emu oil gel caps are also quite effective as a beneficial supplement for the control of diabetes and can also be an effective aid to weight loss.

The anti-inflammatory effects of emu oil are very noticeable for chronic pain. For best results take 3 to 6 gel caps and pain continues to fade over the next one to three weeks.

Essential fatty acids have been proven to stimulate the body's metabolism and increase the body's ability to burn stored saturated fats. The Omega 9 essential fatty acid is high in anti-inflammatory properties and produces a satiate response that helps give you the feeling of fullness.




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